CCC committee statement

CCC aims to facilitate open public engagement and to connect communities across Croydon. 
The potential of CCC has been hindered by a handful of agitators over the past year who clearly seek to undermine the group.   
We are aware of misleading statements being made about CCC, both about us as a group and as individuals. The committee was not approached for the facts before this disinformation was spread. Repeated requests to provide evidence or to discuss the issues have been ignored or met with blank refusal.
Many thanks to those of you who continue to show support and appreciation for the group and its activities.
If anyone has any comment or questions we would welcome hearing from you.
Contact us by emailing

Meeting at Croydon Town Hall on Refuse and Recycling


Council officer, Tony Brooks, speaking at the meeting and taking questions.

Sth Croydon 2 Feb 15

Listening to the TfL presentation prior to the Q&A at our meeting in South Croydon.


Attendees arriving at the CCC meeting in central Croydon. We were joined by CI McGarry and Inspector Roche, who provided an update and took questions from the floor.


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