Croydon Neighbourhood Watch update – 31 March 15

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Here is the weekly update from Croydon Borough Neighbourhood Watch Association (CBNWA)

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The update reads:

CBNWA weekly update for 31st March 2015

LONDON MARATHON (Update from Rosemary)

I’m delighted that I’ve been selected to run the London Marathon on behalf of CBNWA. With 4‑weeks to go until the marathon I’ve been asked to provide a quick update on my training so far. It’s been fun preparing to run 26.2 miles (42.2 km) requires heaps of training! As part of my training I don’t only run! I also cross-train on the elliptical, spin bikes and rowing machines, as well strength training in the gym with weights.

Training has been going well and I currently do about 4 runs each week averaging 25m per week. My runs have been a mixture of speed-work, hill training and endurance. The mainstay of my runs has been the long slow Sunday run starting at 10m and building up to 20 miles. My last long run on Sunday 17m and now I’ll be tapering (i.e. reducing my mileage) so that I’m rested by mara day.

It’s not always easy going out for training runs (especially long runs!) when the weather is murky. Being a member of Striders of Croydon running club has helped me keep my running mojo, it’s great to go on training runs with likeminded people – many of whom are also doing a spring maras. I also sign up for races which ensure I’m out of the door at a specific time rather than procrastinating at home!

I’ve being asked to do weekly updates until mara day which I’m happy to do. Thank you for taking the time to read this short missive and I do hope that you’ll be able to sponsor me. All monies go directly to Croydon Borough Neighbourhood Watch. Below is the link, if you’re able to Giftaid the donation then even more monies go to CBNWA


The Metropolitan Police Service [MPS] and the Mayor of London have announced the world’s largest roll-out of an innovative ‘traceable liquid’ to reduce burglary rates across the capital.

The new ‘Met Trace’ programme, which will run over three years, will provide 440,000 homes in burglary hotspots across the capital with a free kit containing an invisible traceable liquid, allowing owners to mark their possessions with a unique forensic code and to display warning stickers to deter burglars. This code can then be used by the police to trace the items should they ever be stolen and to link suspects to crime scenes.

“We’ll use traceable liquids to create a hostile environment for burglars”

Created by Smartwater Technology Ltd, the liquid, which is virtually impossible to remove and can only be viewed under UV light, has already been proven to significantly reduce burglary rates. During a recent Met trial across five boroughs, burglary rates reduced on average by 49 percent, with some areas seeing a reduction of over 70 percent. More than half of residents involved in the pilot said they felt safer having applied the liquid to items in their homes.

The Mayor’s Police and Crime Plan set a target to reduce burglary by 20 percent by 2016 and the number of burglaries in the capital is down 23 per cent compared to March 2012. The Met Trace programme is another positive step to building on that work further.

The technology has a significant deterrent effect and it is predicted the roll-out could prevent over 7,000 residential burglary offences, saving the MPS almost £5 million and freeing up 140,000 police hours (equivalent to 17,400 police working days).

Commander Simon Letchford, who is co-ordinating the programme, said: “The Met is committed to driving down burglary and is working hard every day to reduce offences, arrest offenders and support victims, using innovative technology to help us achieve this. Our pilot has proved the concept of traceable liquid property marking works and we are delighted the technology will benefit a further 440,000 homes across London, which we estimate will prevent a further 7,000 properties from being burgled. We will use traceable liquids as effectively as possible to create a hostile environment for burglars and to make our communities safer.”


A N/W member in Croham Ward has reported receiving a postcard through the letterbox from a company called LSL who claim to have tried to deliver a parcel for which the sum of £10 must be paid on delivery, this is a scam please see the Action Fraud link:


New police officers who will soon become familiar faces on the streets of New Addington and Fieldway, have been unveiled, after the council and the MPS struck a deal to fund two extra posts.

PCs Lucy Butler and Alex Smith will be tasked with tackling antisocial behaviour and environmental crime such as fly-tipping and graffiti when they start patrols of their new patch on April 1.

They are funded through an agreement whereby the council will pay for one officer and the Metropolitan Police Service match funds a second.

Based at Addington station, the PCs will work closely with the Safer Neighbourhood Ward panels to help reduce antisocial behaviour, linked in particular to local problems such as illegal motorbike riding, shoplifting and drugs, and to build and improve relationships with local residents.

As well as having a vital visible presence in the community, they will work with the council to help make the area safer and more secure.


The Met Crime Mapping site has been created to help show you what crime has been committed in neighbourhoods across the capital. The previous link given does not appear to work on some computers so to view go to: On the first page under ‘How do I’ click on ‘view crime maps for local crime statistics’ on the map page in the search box (top left) enter Croydon. At the top right of the page click on the INFO tab to refine the map area and select crime types.



Please contact our Neighbourhood Watch Manager (Katie Moore) for any general queries, co-ordinator updates or if your contact details change.

CBNWA office details

Telephone: 020 8555 1200 ext. 37637 (there is an answer phone for when the office is unmanned).


Postal:   CBNWA c/o Croydon Fire Station. 90 Old Town, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 1AR.

If you have any Neighbourhood Watch/scam information for the weekly update messages please send them to John Skinner at

You can follow on Twitter at @CBNWA

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