CCC – Committee update – Peter Staveley steps aside during run up to election

The CCC committee has discussed the comments made by those at the AGM event, and taken a view on the basis of this, led by the thoughts of our newly elected Vice Chair.

The working group, and the committee after that, have valued the input of Peter Staveley to the work of the organisation, promoting open engagement. Both are clear that at no time has Peter sought to promote or discuss politics at meetings – whether they be public meetings or those in relations to the internal workings of CCC.

Whilst we are very sorry to lose Peter’s input at this crucial stage of the group’s work, we appreciate his stance to cease active involvement at the earliest opportunity to ensure the ongoing work of CCC, without any doubt regarding any perceived political influence on our work.
peter_staveleyPeter states,

At the AGM of CCC it was suggested by a member of the public present that those standing for election on CCC committee must stand aside during the election period.  At the meeting I fully agreed with that suggestion.

Today, Friday 19th December, makes the official start of 2015 General Election Campaign and so, as someone who wants to keep to their word, I now wish to honour my undertaking to the membership present at the AGM. Therefore, I will stand aside from any management involvement in the CCC.

I wish to make it clear that I am standing aside solely to avoid any accusation of CCC being used by either myself or UKIP for political gain.  However, I remain fully supportive of CCC and all its aims, especially in providing a vehicle for the residents and businesses of Croydon to make their views known on the issues that matter to them.

I look forward to CCC continuing to provide excellent regular local meetings throughout the election period.”


The committee thank Peter for his considerable input from the outset from July 2013, appreciate the stance he has taken to safeguard the independence of CCC’s work and look forward to him taking up active involvement on CCC committee after the election period.

This will be shortly prior to the next AGM of CCC, allowing any one with a wish to have a view, a vote at the AGM, on the committee to take CCC forward for 2015/16.


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