Is 20 plenty for Croydon? Arguments for the proposal

There is debate in Croydon as to whether the proposal to introduce20mph zones in Croydon is a good idea, or not.The matter was considered by Croydon Council’s Streets and Environment Scrutiny sub-committee on 16 September 2014. For agenda and reports presented, see
It is understood that there will be an official consultation shortly on the proposed scheme.We are happy to post both sides of the argument, and posts are open to comment, as long as they are not political in nature.
Croydon Cyclists offer information on their website on the matter. See following detailed report has been received from Austen on behalf of the Croydon Cycling Campaign, which is part of the London Cycling Campaign.  You can download it here:
Find Croydon Cyclists on Twitter @CroydonCyclists,  Facebook at and on Yahoo Groups at

2 thoughts on “Is 20 plenty for Croydon? Arguments for the proposal

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