Notices from Sanderstead Meeting 16/10/14

Thank you to all who made it along to our meeting in Sanderstead on 16 October, 2014.

The notes of meeting will be circulated to all attendees for checking and comment, before being uploaded on our website.

The initial notices given on the evening, with links are:

streetpin logoStreetpin, an online noticeboard, fully integrated with other platforms, has launched a crowdfunding exercise. If you’d like to know more or to back the project, which offers a variety of rewards for support, see Streetpin.

The concept of Streetpin was shared at one of our earlier meetings by the developers to gain feedback on plans.  This notice is not an endorsement, but shared to raise awareness of a new platform for community engagement, as was done for Just Croydon, who sounded out names for the site at one of our meetings too.

Purley War memorial Fair

There is an Autumn Health Fair at Purley Memorial Hospital this Saturday, 18 October, from 11am to 4pm. Full details on our website at

homeless man

Croydon Nightwatch is a charity caring for the homeless. They have an appeal running at the moment for donations of goods and financial donation to support their work. Collections every Sunday in October. See

LBC black history month 14

October in Black History month, and there are a variety of activities being held across the borough. Links to the information is listed on our website, including special screenings at the David Lean Cinema.

CCC are still chasing details of how to book the film not put on by the Save the David Lean group, (stated as bookable via Eventbrite) and will share details if they become available but an initial email indicated that tickets can be bought on the door.

Addiscombe Carnival posterCroydon Lions are keen to enlist new members and volunteers to help organise the Addiscombe Carnival on 24 May 2014. Rutherford’s School, based in South Croydon, will be the beneficiary of the funds this time. See Croydon Lions website and posts on our website for further details.


There is a MOPAC roadshow being held in Croydon on 4 November. Details and link to book a place can be found here.

Other notices:

CCC are seeking a Secretary, or Minutes Secretary. The role could be shared. Anyone interested, please get in touch by emailing

SUFL colour banner PNGLibraries For those interested in libraries, a subject that has come up at several of our meetings to date,  there is a conference in central London on November 22, hosted by Speak up for Libraries.

The main parties have been invited to send representation and the Conference offers the opportunity to hear the panel debate and question parties on their policies prior to the general election next year.  There will also be workshop sessions and updates on the Sieghart and Welsh Libraries Reviews. Details and booking link at

Policing update
CCC will contact the Sanderstead Safer Neighbourhoods team as a PC was due to speak and take questions but was unable to join the meeting. If an update on policing matters is received, the update will be posted on our website.

Thank you to all who attended to contribute to discussions and to the councillors who attended to support the local community and provide valuable information and updates on topics raised.

Cllr Yvette Hopley has already responded with information on several points raised last night, and these will be added shortly.

CCC AGM is on 24 November and booking are open. Places are free and the committee encourage prior booking to allow us to cater adequately for numbers.  Places are free and everyone is very welcome to attend any of our meetings. See : CCC AGM for details and booking.

5 thoughts on “Notices from Sanderstead Meeting 16/10/14

  1. Can you confirm your Vice Chair has stepped down after Council investigation concluded that he had been “Islamaphobic and offensive” on Twitter and where and how was that decision made?

    Why have you not made any mention of this thus far on your website or Twitter?

    I have emailed privately but had no response from the Chair.


  2. Thank you for your interest in our work ‘Duona’.

    You appear to have information that has not been made available to the CCC committee.

    We would welcome receiving the information, evidence or facts you have on the council investigation and the conclusion reached, to which you refer.

    We cannot surmise when and how this took place as we do not have details, but are happy to look at the evidence you have, if offered.

    Please email any information or documents to

    Thank you


    • The following comment is being posted, although all these questions have been answered before:

      The comment is as follows:
      What is your response to this article?
      I assume you have knowledge of this, as it is about your Vice Chair.
      Why has there been no public statement from you on this matter?
      As a public funded body supposedly speaking for “Communities” you have been silent on this matter even though it involves a senior Member of the CCC.
      Do you not view hate crime as a serious matter?”


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