Notes of meeting – Addiscombe – September 2014

Thanks to everyone who attended our meeting in Addiscombe and to the organisations and individuals who helped us advertise the event.

Notes of Meeting
Here are the notes of the meeting held: Notes of Addiscombe 16 Sept 14

There are several points raised at this meeting being pursued and the outcome of the actions noted will be posted here, when known.

Next public meeting
Our next event is in October in Sanderstead.

As with all our events everyone is very welcome to attend. Booking via Eventbrite is appreciated to help us cater for numbers.

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If you have any feedback on this meeting or our activities we’d welcome hearing from you. 


4 thoughts on “Notes of meeting – Addiscombe – September 2014

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  3. Comment supplied by Grace O, as follows:

    Fracking – Northdown Energy have indeed been given a license to drill exploratorily over quite a large area, which includes Lloyd park. If they do any exploration and find shale gas, then my understanding is that our Council would receive large amounts of money (millions) per well that is drilled (not the exploratory wells, the ones that produce shale oil or gas). I do not feel confident that either of the two main political parties would refuse those huge sums of money if it came down to it. Nor do I find it feasible that either power lines or overlying geology would stop a large hi-tech company with the equipment to drill down a mile beneath our homes. People thought it could never happen in a lovely little country village like Balcombe, but it did. Luckily, eventually, the local residents prevailed.

    The Visitor’s Centre is certainly a good place to display leaflets and information, and I have always found them very helpful. Libraries seem to be good too although I have not been able to physically check that all Croydon libraries did display the leaflets that I sent them, although I believe that they did.

    New street lamps – some of the old posts/stumps have definitely been removed so I’m not sure about the information about not being able to do so until the whole network is up and running. Possible theories are that ours was one of the first roads to be completed, so Skanska had plenty of time (i.e. the completion date (if there is one) was not looming), or perhaps that we live right beside a school (although other roads near the same school still have the stumps left).

    Interestingly, I was told by Council staff that the posts were repositioned on the side of the pavements closest to residents houses to reduce street clutter and make more space on the pavements. This rule, which has illuminated my bedroom horribly despite double lining the curtains and the addition of a plate behind the streetlight itself, did not seem to apply to the huge BT pole recently plonked on the outer side of the same pavement.

  4. Thanks for your comments Grace O.

    We have already followed up the point regarding concern that staff in Croydon libraries are merely binning leaflets with a member of library staff and it appears to be untrue, but we plan to get an official response. It also appears, as a result of our initial enquiries, that Croydon Central Library put leaflets on all floors, not just at the entrance. This is welcome news, if true.

    We’d welcome library users checking and feeding in views.

    When we have an official response we will post it.

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